The Dangers of Salt

Disclaimer: Normally, I would tone down the language for public posting, but the story loses its tone if I change it…so readers beware if you’re easily offended by language…don’t worry…it’s not TOO, too bad…

So I was watching TV with Leo and Cara (the not-real names of the same two friends from my previous post) when a commercial for Wendy’s came on. They were advertising their new “Natural-Cut Fries” with sea salt. I commented and said, “Interesting. Sounds good.”

Cara said, “What?”

Leo said, “Fries with sea salt.”

Cara said, “What’s sea salt?”

In unison, Leo and I said “Salt…from the sea…”

Cara said, “OK, SMART-ASSES.”

Leo and I laughed and incredulously I said, “WHAT? That’s what it is!”

Cara responded with, “You can’t take salt from the sea on put it on potatoes! You’ll die if you eat that shit!”

The laughter…yeah…it got louder…

Honestly…she’s smarter than she sounds in these last two posts! LOL

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