So What’s Been Going On???

It’s been a few months since I last posted. I’m trying to remember all that I have done in that past few months, but probably the most significant thing that is news-worthy is that after several months of procrastination, I have decided to GET MYSELF HEALTHY.

Don’t get me wrong; for the most part, I actually am pretty healthy. But…at my heaviest, I was probably about 115 – 125 lbs overweight. You’ll note that I said…”was”…

A few months ago, I figured out that I’ve got some issues with grains…most specifically wheat. I began to notice that when I ate meals that were heavy in wheat (pizza, pasta, etc – my favorite foods by the way), that I did not feel well. I decided to cut wheat out of my diet for a while. I started to feel better. Then I had a not-so-great dining experience at a popular restaurant chain who, I’m pretty sure, does not actually grow olives on their own. I ordered a dish that came with no pasta, but they got my order wrong (it was a take out order) and I didn’t feel like going back to get it fixed…so I ate the pasta and I felt miserable. Confirmation enough for me. I don’t eat wheat anymore. I try to stay away from anything with wheat or gluten in them because I’m not 100% sure what my sensitivity is to, but I know that since I quit eating wheat/gluten, I don’t have near the headaches I used to and generally feel better as a whole.

That’s not the only thing I’ve done! About 3 weeks ago I started to exercise again. Now, I said I started at 115 to 125 lbs overweight. Just reducing the grains in my diet and eliminating wheat as much as possible…I dropped about 10 to 20 lbs (I don’t know how heavy I actually was when I cut those out of my diet). I started exercising 3 weeks ago at 297.8 lbs. I’m a big guy…built big. When I was at my most fit when I graduated basic training when I was in the Army, I was 190 lbs and very skinny – though the army regulations said I was overweight, but my body-fat tape-test always checked out just fine. But that’s just an idea of how big I am. At 6′ tall, even at 297.8 lbs, yes, I look overweight, but most people wouldn’t guess I weigh THAT much. When I was at 310 and 315, people thought I was joking if I told them I weighed over 300 lbs.

Well, as of my last official weigh-in, I weighed 292.8 lbs!!! I say “official” because I’m declaring Mondays as my official weigh in day. Now, I have been weighing myself off and on throughout the week as well, but not actually recording those results. BUT, I did have a weigh-in last week of 289.8 lbs! Not sure it’ll be that low tomorrow when I weigh in, but who knows…my weight does fluctuate from day to day, but that’s the lowest I’ve seen the scale read for me in a long time.

So what am I doing? I’m doing a program called P.A.C.E. – Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion. The best way to describe it to someone who has not heard of it is this: you increase the strength and output of your heart and lungs through “sets” of “aerobic” exertion. It’s like working your heart and lungs in sets like someone might do for their biceps or triceps. I kind of think it’s revolutionary thinking, but that can be a whole other blog post in and of itself.

I’m also considering P90x. I don’t know that I can do that with my back injury, but I may be interested in giving it a shot sometime soon. I know some great people who have made some awesome progress in their fitness with it.

AND, I’ve signed up for something called the TOUGH MUDDER! No…I’m kidding. Even if I was in the prime shape of my life…with this back injury of mine, there’s no way I could do that. I’ve heard it’s quite a competition. I know someone who is planning to attempt it and my wife has told me she has friends who are thinking about it. It sounds pretty extreme!

Anyway, because of how proud I am of my progress, I thought I’d give a post. CHIME IN! Are you doing something awesome in trying to get healthy? Have you had some success you’re just dying to share???

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  1. Phyllis says:

    Of course, I remember! SB is good but not something that you can stay on forever. I’ve a friend who did the Jenny thing for about 6 months. The up-side: She lost 45 lbs. The down-side: She spent much of that time on the porcelain throne. I don’t think there’s a “one fits all” type of diet unless it would be one diabetics should follow but even then, if as in your case you have an “allergy” to certain food items, it must be adapted to address it. I’ve always thought weight loss is a simple matter of mathematics…take in fewer calories than you burn. It’s still a basic concept but you have to consider nutrition. I mean, 3 or 4 Hershey Bars a day and nothing else could cause you to drop a few lbs. but…! With the advent of Al Gore’s Internet, information is there for anyone. In my case, I learned that broccoli, while an excellent source of nutrition, by it’s very chemical composition was reducing the effectiveness of the thyroid medication I take… which led to a decrease in TSH and an increase in weight. Go figure! The moral of this diatribe is two-fold: 1)discover the uniqueness in yourself and 2) all things in moderation. It takes time and effort but the end result is worth it.

    PS: Don’t eat canned veggies!

  2. Dustin says:

    Great going, Phyllis!!! And you seem anything but anxious to me…then again…if you were taking anxiety meds, that might explain it! (I’m kidding, I’m kidding).

    I’m trying to remember; you worked with me when I lost all that weight a few years ago, right? Back then I was on the South Beach diet…did good with it, but it was a hard lifestyle to keep up with given my work schedule at the time. These days my schedule is better. Plus, now that I’ve figured out that I’m sensitive to wheat/gluten, now I have a bigger reason to stay away from the tempting treats that eventually pulled me off of SB. I’m not doing SB now, but I am limiting my grains. Doing a decent job of my diet an so far I really like this exercise plan I’m doing. Given the way I know you think, something tells me you’d like the theory behind what I’m doing. Very logical stuff. We’ll have to catch up sometime soon! I actually was thinking about you this weekend! We gotta try to pay you a visit sometime soon!

  3. Phyllis says:

    Good going, Dustin. Am hoping the loss of a few pounds will give you some relief from your back pain. … I’ve lost 12 lbs. in the last 5 weeks and I’m not exactly sure how but am delighted none the less. For the last year and a half, I haven’t felt good… not sick, not in pain… just tired and not well. My doctor decided to change my cholesterol and hypertension medication… not like he hasn’t done that before. Neither condition was in the “red zone”. I remembered what one of my supervisors in nursing school said… “The first person responsible for their health is the patient.” I was scheduled for a follow-up visit in three weeks to see how the new meds were working. On that visit, I’d lost 8 lbs., my BP was 134/72. Imagine his surprise when I confessed I hadn’t taken either of the meds and had discontinued a med he’d put me on for anxiety. (You know me, Dustin… do I seem anxious to you?) I did hours of research on line regarding cholesterol and hypertension and the side affects of the meds I was taking as well as alternative methods of addressing the conditions. The info on the meds was frightening. I decided to change a bit of my lifestyle. I stopped the meds, drank more water, cut way down on the carbs, no red meat, monitored salt intake, and WALKED AT LEAST 30 MINUTES A DAY. … I thought the doctor would lecture me on not taking the meds but, instead, he said I was doing all the correct things to control my health issues and added that, with most patients, especially we elderly, to instruct them to do these things would result in non-compliance. Most would rather take a pill to do the work for them. … I guess I’ll never know if stopping the meds made me feel better or if it was the lifestyle change. Which ever it is, it’s working and I’m feeling and looking pretty damned good for an almost 69 yr. old broad. ………… Keep up the good work, Sweetie. Love and hugs to you, Crystal, Isaiah.

  4. Dustin says:

    Way to go Lou Ann! I actually have some interesting perspectives regarding fat content in food, but I think they are too lengthy to include here. Maybe that would make a good post for another day!

    Glad to hear you’re working on getting healthier! It’s motivating to know more friends are doing it too!

  5. Lou Ann Hoover says:

    Congratulations!!! My husband and I have also decided to change our eating habbits. It’s going to take allot of discipline. We are big time foodies. Food has always been a way of life for us (probably more so than your average human). We have traveled over 150 miles just to try a new fancy restaurant and we have been known to base an entire vacation on where we are going to eat. My husband weighs 235 and he wants to get back to around 185-190. I have gained around 13 pounds but I actually feel better than I have felt in a long time. ( except for the flab and dimpley legs,Yuck)
    It was very interesting to read about your experience with wheat. I have noticed that when I eat wheat, especially wheat bagels, that I get a huge migraine.
    I cleaned out my pantry and fridge today and went grocery shopping focusing on fat content. I can’t stand counting calories. Fat content is very easy to regulate. Around 7 yrs ago I deleted as much fat content as possible from ALL of our foods. We ate as much as we wanted but would only eat items that contained less than 6g of fat. Doing this my husband lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks. It’s very surprising as to how many foods have 0g of fat! One word of advise: don’t buy “LITE” items, buy “reduced fat”, “low fat” or “0 fat” and “fat free”. Anything that says LITE taste horrible.
    I have spent the afternoon making fruit cups for snacks and bagging cereals and chips that equal 2-4g of fat. Now when it’s time to pack lunches we can grab whatever we want without worry. We allow ourselves an average of 12-14g of fat through the day and then a 12-16g dinner This is less than 40g of fat a day.(most diets allow more than 60!) I don’t believe in ommitting anything completely from your diet unless it’s harmful to the way you feel(wheat). By cutting fat content you automatically have to eat healthier. Fruits and veggies are fat free and No more Cheesebugers, fried food, cake, etc.
    Changing any habbit is hard but we are determined to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The official weigh in will be Monday mornings. We are also going to add walking and biking to our everyday routine.
    Good Luck to you Dustin on your journey towards a happier, healthier you. Tomorrow begins a new life for us as well.

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