War of the Social Networks

Google+ Heard of it? If not, you might need to crawl out from underneath that rock you’ve been living under and take a look at the world in daylight. It’s been around for a while now. For the first month or two or whatever, it was in a closed beta, but now it’s in an Continue reading →

So What’s Been Going On???

It’s been a few months since I last posted. I’m trying to remember all that I have done in that past few months, but probably the most significant thing that is news-worthy is that after several months of procrastination, I have decided to GET MYSELF HEALTHY. Don’t get me wrong; for the most part, I Continue reading →

Could HIV Save Your Life?

What if HIV infection was the only way to save your life? I read an article last week that really made me think. The article (posted on the LA Times website – click here if you’d like to read the article) discussed the existing federal ban on harvesting organs from HIV-infected donors. On the surface, Continue reading →

It’s A Scary World…Or Is It?

Update: I wrote this post a week ago and set it to publish this morning. Last night I saw a video someone posted on Facebook that was a news clip about exactly what I’m talking about below. So I decided to add the clip to the post so that y’all would know I’m not just Continue reading →

A Country In Peril Remains Calm?

Japan. You’ve seen the country’s name in headlines all over the news for days now. It’s devastating. Earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, nuclear power plant disasters…the list goes on and on. And, unfortunately, so does the death-toll. Originally, I was not going to blog today. Heck, I haven’t blogged in nearly a year. I had a couple Continue reading →

GVMax makes Google Voice and iPhone Play Nice

To my “regular” readers:  I know this post only really targets iPhone users…and to those of you who are iPhone users, it only targets those who use Google Voice. I’m not trying to ignore the rest of you…I just want to share this information. I’ll try to post something soon that’s not so “user specific”. Continue reading →

A “Merry Christmas” Story

Merry Christmas to all my Braindungeon readers! It’s been a pretty quiet (blog-wise anyway) several months for me. I’ve been pretty busy and when I haven’t been busy, I just haven’t been sure of what I want to say or how I want to say it. So, if you’re reading this post after my 7 Continue reading →

A Nifty Little Tool

I am sure that this is true for most, if not all, iPhone users – that is that I’m always on the lookout for apps that I can get some good use out of. Early on, one of the things I found myself frustrated with was the inability to post to this blog from the Continue reading →

The Wall Handle Explained!!!

I showed my last blog post to a co-worker and she used THE GOOGLE to find the mysterious handle…(why didn’t I think of that???) Anywho – here it is, in all its glory! So what is it? It’s a handle that you can put on walls or in showers without the need for drilling or screws! Continue reading →

Another Month Later…

Wow! Where has the time gone??? What a silly question. I didn’t intend to start my post by contradicting myself, but I got to thinking about that question as I was typing it and thought to myself, “Time doesn’t go ANYWHERE!” I know – I’m a goof. But it’s true, you know. Time doesn’t go Continue reading →