Who’s That Off in the Distance?

Oh wait, it’s me! Ok, so, wow. Long time since I last posted. Two months since my last post…almost three since my last “real” post. I know I’m rambling to almost nobody, here, but I still feel the need to catch up…with…myself? It’s been a hectic few months. Work has been busy, so there hasn’t Continue reading →

I am Neurotic

Every once in a while, when I am on the web and I have run through my normal routine (email, blog subscriptions, random thoughts I feel I must look up) I will reach a point where I decide it’s time to Stumble. If you’re not familiar with StumbleUpon then visit their site, get the toolbar Continue reading →

Speaking of Stoopid…

I subscribe to a blog that I think is absolutely hilarious called (The Customer is) Not Always Right. I think that this site is particularly hilarious because, for the most part, you can’t make this stuff up! I have been in situations where I have seen and heard the kinds of things on this site Continue reading →

May I take your order…

and SHOVE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT??? OH…MY…GOSH… You would NOT believe the experience I just had at Bennigan’s. Before I start, please let me say that I am typing this and LAUGHING…this is not an angry post. After a long day of working hard, my co-worker and I decided to have dinner at Bennigan’s. It Continue reading →

I think he’s lost…

You’ll find out who in a sec. Well it’s been another long while since I’ve posted. I’ve not had many opportunities to sit down and share what’s on my mind lately…I’ve been quite busy. Since I last posted and mentioned that we opened another restaurant in record time (at least for us) we opened yet Continue reading →

Whew! It’s been a while!

I just learned something about blogger. After typing in your title, if you hit “Enter,” blogger will post your title and close the editor. Good to know. I normally hit the “Tab” key, but for some reason I hit “Enter” and learned something new. So…why have I been so quiet? I spent a week in Continue reading →

They haven’t heard of WHAT?

Maybe it’s a geographical thing…maybe it’s just an insanity thing…I don’t know what to attribute it to, but I find myself absolutely appalled at the fact that the people around me haven’t heard (or have heard of but have not TRIED) things that were common to me as a child. The first one is peanut Continue reading →

A little funny

Sometimes I act weird. Even at work. I’m an IT Manager and when called to someones desk for help, I like to stand with chest puffed out and hands on hips like I’m superman or something. Yeah, I know…I’m a geek. So the other day I was standing in the doorway of a co-worker’s office Continue reading →

Sticking it to the Man Who’s Sticking it to the Man

aeriow4hf3 wa 3ah3roca3io cra cr raeshfsoavv8 ew afwnfwfa 8vsa ae efaowefhafe fa ew rw3o8fh9veauhae wa efaw38y9aweh9fae wafvhvhbphb;fiasnea va9ehwaefhaes vshe wagf ewhvewuhgew eaoh 9oew efwhpvofeh ewfh ufehpwafeh8awfh fewoheafh ffewhwahuoeaf fe aspofvoashfehawef haweuhfiufha!!!! ????? That’s the first paragraph in my new story, “Sticking it to the Man Who’s Sticking it to the Man” Let me explain. Crystal Continue reading →

Something I hadn’t seen before

So I was driving to work the other day, probably listening to a book-on-phone (what?). I learned that listening to books while I drive (especially long distances) can really shorten a drive. So my wife bought me some books on CD and I ripped ’em to my computer, made MP3s out of them and put Continue reading →