What’s On My Mind

A lot actually. There are people out there who might imply or blatantly state that I am not capable of rational thought…and they may be correct to a degree. But, I have had a lot on my mind lately. I’m not sure it would be best to talk about it all in one post, as Continue reading →

Walking is Good for the Mind

Ok, I have been relatively quiet since the last update about our truck. Mainly because this week has been pretty busy for me. I have started seeing a chiropractor for my bad back and had other things going on in the evenings that just kept me from being bloggy. That’s ok, except that I just Continue reading →

Who’s That Off in the Distance?

Oh wait, it’s me! Ok, so, wow. Long time since I last posted. Two months since my last post…almost three since my last “real” post. I know I’m rambling to almost nobody, here, but I still feel the need to catch up…with…myself? It’s been a hectic few months. Work has been busy, so there hasn’t Continue reading →

I think he’s lost…

You’ll find out who in a sec. Well it’s been another long while since I’ve posted. I’ve not had many opportunities to sit down and share what’s on my mind lately…I’ve been quite busy. Since I last posted and mentioned that we opened another restaurant in record time (at least for us) we opened yet Continue reading →

Life Without Parole

So, the first post of a new blog and it gets a title like “Life Without Parole.” What does that even mean??? Well, I just sat here at my computer for the last…I don’t know…20 minutes or so trying to come up with a good clever title for a new blog. What I found out Continue reading →