The Dangers of Salt

Disclaimer: Normally, I would tone down the language for public posting, but the story loses its tone if I change it…so readers beware if you’re easily offended by language…don’t worry…it’s not TOO, too bad… So I was watching TV with Leo and Cara (the not-real names of the same two friends from my previous post) Continue reading →

Your Website Needs A Bigger Ego

In the earlier months of my new employment, I was staying with a couple of friends who were gracious enough to lend me their spare bedroom while I commuted to the new city for the new job and went home to the old city on the weekends. A few months ago, I was out to Continue reading →

Energy Drinks

Dear Stacy’s friend who works at a convenience store and sent a whole case of energy drinks with her to our office as a promotional thing: I want to thank you for your generosity in thinking about Stacy and the people she works with. Working in an office all day long can actually be quite Continue reading →

A month of silence rewarded with laughter

Oh, how silent I’ve been! The last y’all heard, I was whining about our truck. Well, the truck got fixed and worked fine for a while. Got stuck again yesterday, but it didn’t stay stuck this time, so I am not sure what to think. But…I decided to see what’s been going on in Google Continue reading →

Google say WHAT?

I’m getting more search engine traffic! Though – I’m not sure that’s something to be proud of. Of course, this site isn’t really about anything in specific other than me posting my thoughts and rants and ravings and whatnot. But Google helped get my site some attention with the following search terms: ant online warehouse Continue reading →

Most Frightening Halloween Display EVER

Before I post this I have to say: Rock Chick – I PROMISE…I got these pictures BEFORE your “We the People” post! I went to Walgreen’s yesterday to pick up some stuff Crystal requested and when I walked in I saw something that made me turn around and run screaming from the building walk out Continue reading →


NO TRUCK!!! *Sigh* well, I feel like being nice about it because the guy sounded so apologetic when I called for an update, but apparently getting the brakes fixed on our truck was so time consuming that they couldn’t find time to finish the whole airbag light problem. According to the manager, the part for Continue reading →

Pink Jeep License Plate

That’s the ONLY Google search that has resulted in a hit on my blog so far. As I told you before I went ahead and installed Google Analytics on my blog so that I could see what’s going on with my blog and I was actually kind of impressed. Ok, so I’m not reaching the Continue reading →

Dancing Monkeys – the explanation

I feel as though I owe it to my readers to explain my wife’s comment on my “bloggy ideas” post about dancing monkeys. In case you didn’t get to see her response, she said, “I think you should blog about dancing monkeys. Because obviously, they are a driving force to your madness. And then blog Continue reading →

Nothing, Something, and an Email Update.

If anyone read my “please help me” blog and didn’t comment – SHAME ON YOU! Just kidding… But now I have to explain someone. That is – James. Before I go any further, I want to point out a new feature on my blog. I owe the idea to…well…whoever came up with it. But I Continue reading →