A month of silence rewarded with laughter

Oh, how silent I’ve been! The last y’all heard, I was whining about our truck. Well, the truck got fixed and worked fine for a while. Got stuck again yesterday, but it didn’t stay stuck this time, so I am not sure what to think. But…I decided to see what’s been going on in Google Continue reading →

What The…

TRUCK!!! Saturday started off semi-normally (except for the fact that I can’t seem to sleep past 5:30 after getting up at 3:00 all week long.) I am overall pretty well exhausted and just trying to let myself relax after a very grueling work-week. I just played around on my laptop for most of the morning Continue reading →

Everything is Perfect!

No, not really. I got the phone call yesterday morning from the dealership. Apparently the passenger’s side airbag needed to be replaced for some reason. They he told me that there IS a safety warranty, but it’s only up to 60,000 miles. Which our truck is way past (just a little under 80,000). SOOOO, it Continue reading →

So Frustrated…

…I really don’t even want to post about it. But I’m going to because, well, I’ve come this far with the story, you may as well know the current status. Still. No. Truck. You read it right. In The Rock Chick’s most recent blog post “Listen Up”, Rock Chick talks about the incredible frustrations she Continue reading →

Row Row Row Your Truck Gently Through the Gulf…

Well, we heard from the dealership what was wrong with our truck. Apparently the brake rotor rusted and locked. Bad mojo. To make matters worse, the front to rotors were rusted as well and were in danger of having the same happen. They needed to be resurfaced. Ok – we agreed to have it done. Continue reading →


“Lost” is one of my favorite TV shows. Just the word “Lost” however, is NOT one of my favorite words. In case you haven’t already read my post about what happened with our new (used) truck, you might want to read that first. Ok, so to follow up: The tow truck had gotten to our Continue reading →

Some Saturday Morning Thoughts

This has been one heck of a week. Just about every day ended with me in a terrible mood for some reason or another. There were a couple of moments that all seemed ok with the world. Earlier this week I came home from work and sat down in one of my patio chairs to Continue reading →

I Fear

…for the world around me…for the human race…for my sanity. I encounter a fair amount of stupidity on a pretty regular basis. Normally I try to level my opinion of stupid by telling myself that ignorance does not equal stupidity. If someone truly doesn’t know something that I know, that does not, in and of Continue reading →

Whew! It’s been a while!

I just learned something about blogger. After typing in your title, if you hit “Enter,” blogger will post your title and close the editor. Good to know. I normally hit the “Tab” key, but for some reason I hit “Enter” and learned something new. So…why have I been so quiet? I spent a week in Continue reading →

If you can avoid it

NEVER shop at ANTonline.com After posting about my Best Buy experience yesterday, I felt obligated to finish telling the story about the business I reported to the BBB…so here it is: Up until recently, I was a faithful buyer of twice. They had reasonable prices, fast turn around…holy cow, it was AWESOME! Until… I placed Continue reading →