What The…

TRUCK!!! Saturday started off semi-normally (except for the fact that I can’t seem to sleep past 5:30 after getting up at 3:00 all week long.) I am overall pretty well exhausted and just trying to let myself relax after a very grueling work-week. I just played around on my laptop for most of the morning Continue reading →

Some random thoughts

My brain is a jungle of random thoughts right now. So, if you please, I’ll just jot them down and get on with my day. First, I’m thinking about the adoption my wife and I are working toward. We will be happy to adopt whatever child the Good Lord brings our way, but for some Continue reading →

Something I hadn’t seen before

So I was driving to work the other day, probably listening to a book-on-phone (what?). I learned that listening to books while I drive (especially long distances) can really shorten a drive. So my wife bought me some books on CD and I ripped ’em to my computer, made MP3s out of them and put Continue reading →