What The…

TRUCK!!! Saturday started off semi-normally (except for the fact that I can’t seem to sleep past 5:30 after getting up at 3:00 all week long.) I am overall pretty well exhausted and just trying to let myself relax after a very grueling work-week. I just played around on my laptop for most of the morning Continue reading →

Walking is Good for the Mind

Ok, I have been relatively quiet since the last update about our truck. Mainly because this week has been pretty busy for me. I have started seeing a chiropractor for my bad back and had other things going on in the evenings that just kept me from being bloggy. That’s ok, except that I just Continue reading →

It’s Good to Know When to Fold

It’s time for yet another (and final!) truck update! I was having kind of a long day today. All in all, it wasn’t horrible, but long nonetheless. At about 4:00, my cell phone rang. It was a number that wasn’t in my contact list, but I recognized it all too well. It was the dealership. Continue reading →

Google say WHAT?

I’m getting more search engine traffic! Though – I’m not sure that’s something to be proud of. Of course, this site isn’t really about anything in specific other than me posting my thoughts and rants and ravings and whatnot. But Google helped get my site some attention with the following search terms: ant online warehouse Continue reading →

Most Frightening Halloween Display EVER

Before I post this I have to say: Rock Chick – I PROMISE…I got these pictures BEFORE your “We the People” post! I went to Walgreen’s yesterday to pick up some stuff Crystal requested and when I walked in I saw something that made me turn around and run screaming from the building walk out Continue reading →

Everything is Perfect!

No, not really. I got the phone call yesterday morning from the dealership. Apparently the passenger’s side airbag needed to be replaced for some reason. They he told me that there IS a safety warranty, but it’s only up to 60,000 miles. Which our truck is way past (just a little under 80,000). SOOOO, it Continue reading →

So Frustrated…

…I really don’t even want to post about it. But I’m going to because, well, I’ve come this far with the story, you may as well know the current status. Still. No. Truck. You read it right. In The Rock Chick’s most recent blog post “Listen Up”, Rock Chick talks about the incredible frustrations she Continue reading →