NO TRUCK!!! *Sigh* well, I feel like being nice about it because the guy sounded so apologetic when I called for an update, but apparently getting the brakes fixed on our truck was so time consuming that they couldn’t find time to finish the whole airbag light problem. According to the manager, the part for Continue reading →

Pink Jeep License Plate

That’s the ONLY Google search that has resulted in a hit on my blog so far. As I told you before I went ahead and installed Google Analytics on my blog so that I could see what’s going on with my blog and I was actually kind of impressed. Ok, so I’m not reaching the Continue reading →

Dancing Monkeys – the explanation

I feel as though I owe it to my readers to explain my wife’s comment on my “bloggy ideas” post about dancing monkeys. In case you didn’t get to see her response, she said, “I think you should blog about dancing monkeys. Because obviously, they are a driving force to your madness. And then blog Continue reading →

Row Row Row Your Truck Gently Through the Gulf…

Well, we heard from the dealership what was wrong with our truck. Apparently the brake rotor rusted and locked. Bad mojo. To make matters worse, the front to rotors were rusted as well and were in danger of having the same happen. They needed to be resurfaced. Ok – we agreed to have it done. Continue reading →

Nothing, Something, and an Email Update.

If anyone read my “please help me” blog and didn’t comment – SHAME ON YOU! Just kidding… But now I have to explain someone. That is – James. Before I go any further, I want to point out a new feature on my blog. I owe the idea to…well…whoever came up with it. But I Continue reading →

HELP! I need bloggy ideas!

Ok, so I installed Google Analytics to give me some idea as to whether or not I am actually getting any traffic. Turns out I am…a little. That’s ok, my blog isn’t really meant to just reach out and grab the world just yet, but I found it interesting that I had readers in Texas, Continue reading →


“Lost” is one of my favorite TV shows. Just the word “Lost” however, is NOT one of my favorite words. In case you haven’t already read my post about what happened with our new (used) truck, you might want to read that first. Ok, so to follow up: The tow truck had gotten to our Continue reading →

Some Saturday Morning Thoughts

This has been one heck of a week. Just about every day ended with me in a terrible mood for some reason or another. There were a couple of moments that all seemed ok with the world. Earlier this week I came home from work and sat down in one of my patio chairs to Continue reading →

Who’s That Off in the Distance?

Oh wait, it’s me! Ok, so, wow. Long time since I last posted. Two months since my last post…almost three since my last “real” post. I know I’m rambling to almost nobody, here, but I still feel the need to catch up…with…myself? It’s been a hectic few months. Work has been busy, so there hasn’t Continue reading →