Sungha Jung – Incredible!

If you like guitar music, then you’ll LOVE this video of Sungha Jung playing “Yesterday Once More” by the Carpenters. Sungha Jung is an 11-year-old Korean boy who has been playing guitar for just a couple of years. He has a guitar that was custom made to fit his body size and plays the thing Continue reading →

Not A Fan…But…

When I say I am not a fan of the Indiana Jones movies, what I mean is I have never seen the Indiana Jones movies. Not sure why I haven’t seen them, but I haven’t. I think I have seen bits and pieces of “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” but other than that, I haven’t Continue reading →

Get Out of My Way!

I have seen a lot of things that have made me wonder if I was daydreaming or if reality was somehow being spliced into an alternate, less believable reality by some rift in the space-time continuum. I had one such occasion just this week. I was sitting at a traffic light…third in line in the Continue reading →

I Fear

…for the world around me…for the human race…for my sanity. I encounter a fair amount of stupidity on a pretty regular basis. Normally I try to level my opinion of stupid by telling myself that ignorance does not equal stupidity. If someone truly doesn’t know something that I know, that does not, in and of Continue reading →