Whew! It’s been a while!

I just learned something about blogger. After typing in your title, if you hit “Enter,” blogger will post your title and close the editor. Good to know. I normally hit the “Tab” key, but for some reason I hit “Enter” and learned something new. So…why have I been so quiet? I spent a week in Continue reading →

They haven’t heard of WHAT?

Maybe it’s a geographical thing…maybe it’s just an insanity thing…I don’t know what to attribute it to, but I find myself absolutely appalled at the fact that the people around me haven’t heard (or have heard of but have not TRIED) things that were common to me as a child. The first one is peanut Continue reading →

A little funny

Sometimes I act weird. Even at work. I’m an IT Manager and when called to someones desk for help, I like to stand with chest puffed out and hands on hips like I’m superman or something. Yeah, I know…I’m a geek. So the other day I was standing in the doorway of a co-worker’s office Continue reading →

If you can avoid it

NEVER shop at ANTonline.com After posting about my Best Buy experience yesterday, I felt obligated to finish telling the story about the business I reported to the BBB…so here it is: Up until recently, I was a faithful buyer of twice. They had reasonable prices, fast turn around…holy cow, it was AWESOME! Until… I placed Continue reading →

I’ve figured it out…

I know what causes baldness. No. Really. You may have heard that it’s a result of hormones…but I don’t think that’s right. It comes from the hair-pulling, desk/head-banging experiences that people have to go through! After reading The Rock Chick’s thread I Swear (Warning: Strong, but necessary language!), I felt inspired to share something that Continue reading →